If you need polished copy, smart content strategy and inspiring multimedia stories, I can help.

Now more than ever, the competition for attention is fierce and abundant. Time is scarce. How can your business, brand or cause cut through the clutter to drive awareness, interest and action? And how can you attract new leads and build audience loyalty? Start with an inspiring story.

Your story helps convey the essence of what you do, why you do it, where you're going and why your customers, clients, supporters and donors should care. Your journey, challenges, successes and unique value. Your mission.

I can help you tell your story. 

Trained as a journalist, I'm an experienced interviewer and communicator who can help you identify the heart of your story and communicate it in a way that is compelling to your audience.

I can help you with other content. And content strategy.

Already have your story in place, but need other content to support your goals and align with your content strategy? Or a content strategy? If you don't yet have a strategy or you're retooling your existing strategy, I can help with that as well. 

I'm versatile (and so are my portfolios of work).

My writing portfolio includes everything everything from longform articles and blog posts to bite-size text for mobile applications and social. I've also told multimedia stories through photography, videos and podcasts.