Fun Facts

  • I launched my career as a storytelling entrepreneur at a young age. When I was 10, I created a neighborhood newspaper and sold copies door to door. 
  • I started taking photos at the age of 16 after borrowing my dad's Nikon. I learned the old-school way (35 mm film and taking over my dad's darkroom to develop photos).
  • I prefer reading the print edition of the Sunday New York Times. Black smudges on my hands are physical reminders of the labor and love that goes into great journalism.
  • I've been to more than 30 countries and am always up for the next travel adventure. My favorite recent travel experiences? Cuddling a koala outside Melbourne and floating in the Dead Sea.  

What I Believe 

As an idealist, I believe that stories are not just good for business; great stories can effect positive social change.

What I Value

I value integrity, clarity, kindness and hard work.  A good sense of humor, at the right time, can also be a great thing.